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What house buyers are really looking for

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When you’re gearing up to sell your home, you must try and walk in the shoes of the modern home buyer and ask yourself, what are they looking for? By answering this seemingly simple question, you can decide if it’s worth painting that wall, sprucing up your outdoor space or doing more significant work like adding solar panels.

Our estate agents at Hearnes are on hand to help you answer this question and prepare your house ready for sale, ensuring you get the best possible returns from your sale. Alternatively, keep reading to uncover the most common answers to this important question.

Private outdoor space

Unlike our continental neighbours, UK housing doesn’t usually have as much outdoor space, especially flats that don’t have balconies and inner-city homes with limited yards and gardens. However, many UK home buyers are now focussing on some sort of outdoor area, especially one that is private or sun-facing. There is research to suggest that outdoor space can increase home value in some areas by as much as 12%.

This has become more important relatively recently in the UK property market, and researchers believe the COVID pandemic has played a part. During the pandemic, we were mostly couped up at home and realised the value of having a home with outdoor space. The race for space that occurred in the market during these times has continued, and outdoor space is a priority for many home buyers. Thus, if you can offer an improved outdoor area with more privacy, it could be worth the investment.

Bathrooms and kitchens sell homes

You’ve probably heard this phrase uttered plenty of times, but it remains true. High-quality bathrooms and kitchens do add a lot of value to your home, but this isn’t just financial value. Many residential property buyers don’t want the inconvenience of having to move into their new property and then go through a renovation/modernisation process due to spiralling costs and lack of materials.

However, we should state that it’s worth speaking to your estate agent about whether more significant renovations like these are worthwhile. Other factors, such as location, may be more important to a buyer than the current quality of your bathroom and kitchen, and there is a strong market for homes that offer potential as well.

Energy efficiency sells

Due to rising energy prices, buyers are prioritising the energy efficiency of the properties they want to buy. This is why so many buyers have started considering new builds that are typically a lot more energy-efficient than established older homes for sale.

If you’re selling an older home, it could be beneficial to improve its energy efficiency rating before putting it on the market. Some solutions, such as adding energy-efficient lightbulbs and sealing cracks in windows and doors can be quick and easy. Or you could create a real energy efficient USP by replacing a boiler with a heat pump, adding triple glazing or even adding solar panelling.

Modern home buyers prioritise private outdoor space, updated bathrooms and kitchens, and energy efficiency. There are of course many other areas that appear on the list of requirements for buyers which we would be delighted to advise you on if you are thinking of changing your home ready for marketing. If you're selling, consider these key trends to attract buyers and potentially maximise your return on investment.

Speak to our professional estate agents for more advice on specific improvements for your property.

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